/ projects overview

We gratefully acknowledge our funders:

European union grants:

European Research Council

ERC Starting Grant #757700 HYPER-INSIGHT "Insight into genome maintenance and cancer vulnerabilities provided by an extreme burden of somatic mutations"

1,5 million € funding to GenomeDataLab

more on HYPER-INSIGHT >>>

EU Horizon2020 programme

DECIDER "Clinical Decision via Integrating Multiple Data Levels to Overcome Chemotherapy Resistance in High-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer"

1 million € funding to GenomeDataLab

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Other international grants:

Fran Supek is supported by the EMBO Young Investigator programme

Croatian Science Foundation, via grant "AIGEN: Augmented intelligence for prediction, discovery and understanding in (pharmaco)genomics"

Spanish government:

Lab core funding and a FPI student fellowship are funded by the Severo Ochoa centre of excellence award to the IRB Barcelona.

The Spanish Government Ministry of Science and Innovation, via the grants BFU2017-89833-P "RegioMut" (2018-2021) and "REPAIRSCAPE" (2021-2024).

read more on REPAIRSCAPE here >>>

We also gratefully acknowledge support of the Spanish government via a FPU student fellowship (to ms. Marina Salvadores), as well as via the Juan de la Cierva postdoctoral fellowship (to dr. Tiffany Delhomme).

Catalan government:

Fran Supek is tenured via the ICREA Research Professor program.

AGAUR Catalan research agency for base funding, and for "FI" PhD fellowships (to Guillem Palou and to Elizaveta Besedina).

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